About Us

Prospect and the Future

International Wood Culture Society (IWCS), a young but expanding non-profit organization, has been developing an integrated operation of promoting wood culture since 2001 and is currently working on three crucial projects. The Knowledge project is the first IWCS project that leads to other two projects and its programs - Wood Culture Tour of the Experience project, and World Wood Day of the Life project.

The Knowledge Project focuses on academic efforts and general knowledge of wood culture. Our approach is to encourage more research on wood culture and welcome active participation in our organized conferences where we aim to promote the cultural approach of researching on wood. Alongside academic effort, we provide general information of wood culture across different continents in an intermittent basis. Following the Knowledge Project, we keep working on our biggest program of Experience project entitled Wood Culture Tour, which has been planned, executed and presented on the website. Wood Culture Tour embodies the simple but valuable concept of 'Wood is Good!', which will hopefully proliferate across continents in the future.

In addition to our programmes, IWCS also participates and organizes different types of activities, woodwork competitions, wood products and crafts exhibitions, and such with our cooperative organizations. IWCS strives to advocate and disseminate a simple concept of 'Wood is Good!' to the public. Thus, IWCS is heading to Africa in 2013 for the first celebration of World Wood Day (WWD) on 21st March, with the theme - 'Wood is Good!', which is best representing IWCS's core of operation, to raise the awareness that wood usage can be fair, wise, appropriate, artistic and joyful for both humans and the environment. We hope WWD will become a festive day for everyone in the near future!