Apr 25 2023

Nuo Dance - Chinese Traditional Rituals and Performances

With more than one hundred dancing troupes at its most prosperous era, Nuo Dance has a long history


 Dec 27 2021

Burkinafaso Masks

Mask in Burkina Faso represent protective spirits that can take animal forms or can appear as strang


 Oct 26 2021

Lira Nordestina - A Cordel String Literature Workshop in Brazil

Northeast Brazilian arid interior called the Cariri region, after its original Indian inhabitants. T


 Sep 27 2021

Mooncake Molds - Learn about Mid-Autumn Festival Traditional Folk Culture

Cake mold collector Mr. Wang Laihua is the chief expert of the Institute of Public Opinion of Tianji


 Jan 12 2021

Shree Rudrayani Depa Dapha Khala - Dhime dance

A specially planned street performance, Dhime dance, performed by Shree Rudrayani Depa Dapha Khala i


 Dec 14 2020

Galasi Pukhu Group - Monkey Stick Dance

A specially planned street performance, Monkey Stick Dance, performed by Galasi Pukhu Group in the c


 Nov 04 2020

Qilin Dance

Qilin dance performance, as Chinese intangible cultural heritage, is very popular in the northwest c


 Aug 19 2020

Os Compadre - A northeastern Brazilian folk art workshop

Located in the semi-arid sertão (hinterland) region of northeastern Brazil, Juazeiro do Norte


 May 09 2017

Echos over the lagoon

The Locos dancers of San Isidro is a traditional festivity celebrated in Lagunillas, Venezuela. The


 Apr 26 2017

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe by Northmen

Latvian woodworker Rihards Vidzickis has the love and passion for creating his works by one of the m


 Jan 04 2017

2016 World Wood Day Folk Art Workshop

2016 World Wood Day Folk Art Workshop presented diverse forms of wooden folk art from 10 countries a


 Aug 04 2016

Japanese Dashi in Grand Sawara Festival

The Grand Sawara festival has a history of 300 years. It is indeed one of the biggest festivals in T


 Jul 20 2016

Documentary Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a multiethnic country, including more than 59 indigenous groups which constitutes 40% of it


 Jul 04 2016

Southeast Alaska Indian Culture and Wood Carvings

Southeast Alaska, beginning in Ketchikan, Metlakatla, Sitka, Juneau and others, is the traditional h


 May 19 2016

Inspired by Faith - Monastery of Holy Cross in Vosakos

In the fourth century, St. Helena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, went to Jerusalem in sea


 May 19 2016

Traditional Music of Turkey with Wooden Instruments

This Wood Culture tour will introduce you to the primary music genres and wooden instruments in Turk


 May 17 2016

The Billy Goats of Saaremaa

Far up in North-Eastern Europe, there is an island called Saaremaa, where men dress up as billy goat


 May 17 2016

Last Ship

In the same places where "La Terra Trema" by Luchino Visconti (1948) was filmed, the Rodol


 May 17 2016


Known for their brightly painted depictions of fantastical creatures, Alebrijes have become a sustai


 Aug 17 2015

The Mountain Village- Abyaneh

Abyaneh is a small mountain village, located 55km to the north of Kashan. Its unique geographical tr


 Aug 07 2015

Mexicas - A Story Behind the Masks

Masks were always part of Aztecs (Mexicas) rituals and religious ceremonies, and were thought to be


 Dec 02 2014

Cedars of Lebanon

The Qadisha valley, which also known as the Holy valley, is one of the earliest Christian monastic s


 Nov 27 2014

The Traditional Pinyon Pine Nut Picking of the Navajo

The pinyon pine nut, a popular snack food of the native American Navajo people, savory after roasted


 Nov 27 2014

Kachina Carving

Kachina is a culture which can best represent the Native Americans in Southwestern United States. Th


 Oct 19 2014

Mameli's Mask in Mamoiada

Mamoiada is situated in the centre of Sardinia, the second biggest island of Italy. Sardinia’s


 Oct 09 2014

In Praise of Nature - Inca’s Traditions & Beliefs

The Peruvian territory was once home to ancient cultures spanning from Caral, one of the oldest civi


 Jun 24 2014

Heartbeat of The Forest

A girl interprets her vision and hearing about the village where she comes from, the Wa tribe in Chi


 Nov 28 2013

The Birth of a Gondola

The beautiful Venice Gondola made with the skill that represents the refinement of Italian craftsman


 Aug 18 2013

Makonde- Carving through life

The Makonde tribe, an African tribe, was regarded as the cradle of woodcarving in East Africa. They


 Jan 03 2013

The lifestyle of Mountain Tribe in the Philippines

Ifugao is a province in Luzon Island, the Philippines. The mountain tribe lives here is also called


 Dec 09 2012

Living with wood in Ganvie

Ganvie is a lake village in Benin, with a population around 20,000 people. Life in Ganvie is strongl


 Nov 08 2012

Porto Wine and Rabelo Boats in Portugal

The Race of Rabelo Boats is an annual competition which first started in 1983. Held in the second bi


 Sep 04 2012

Sami Culture Tour in SIIDA

The SIIDA (the Sami cultural and natural museum in Inari) was opened in 1962. It provides visitors k


 Jun 06 2012

Ifugao Aboriginal Priestess

Ifugao province is on Luzon Island, the northern part of the Philippines. It is located in a mountai