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 Jan 29 2023  

The 16th China (Putian) Strait Arts and Crafts Fair was held in Putian on 24 - 27 November, 2022. The International Wood Culture Society and the World Wood Day Foundation were invited to participate in the event. During the exhibition, the International Wood Culture and Art Exhibition Area exhibited 150 art pieces created by 105 artists and young students from 73 countries, including 128 woodcarving pieces, 81 pieces of wooden designs, 14 pieces of wooden furniture. All the displayed wooden artworks were shipped from Austria to China in early 2021, and the diversity and innovation of artworks were well received by the audience. In addition, the International Wood Culture Society and UU elephant held an on-site wooden toys experience for children. The safe, environmentally friendly, educational, and interesting wooden toys have been loved by many children and adults.