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 Nov 22 2021  

Fire in the West - Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI)
Insights from social science and human dimensions research.

World Wood Day Foundation and International Wood Culture Society are honored to work with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), to present a series of videos: Fire in the West.

In the last few decades, wildfires in the west have become an increasing problem for the USA. Through presentations and discussions with experienced researchers, we would like to open a conversation to the public about how and why wildfires occur and hope to bring more awareness and understanding about them.

In our first video, we have invited Dr. Sarah M. McCaffrey, Research Forester with Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS); Dr. Jeffrey T. Morisette, Program Manager of Human dimensions program; and Jessica Brewen, Science Delivery specialist with RMRS. Hosted by Mr. Steve Ambrose, the theme is regarding a crucial facet in wildfire research: Wildland/Urban Interface (WUI). In the presentation, researchers will provide insights from social and human dimension research. Their research focuses on ways to help communities be proactive about living in areas where fires are part of the natural process in forests.  

Presentation by RMRS Human Dimensions program director: Dr. Jeffrey Morisette
#Wood is good, and not all fires are bad.
#The work at the RMRS and Human dimensions program:
#Definition of WUI

Presentation by RMRS Research Forester: Dr. Sarah McCaffrey
#What is WUI.
#WUI doesn’t equal to fire risk.
#WUI expansion doesn’t necessarily mean fire risk increase.
#Language consideration regarding WUI discussion.

Group discussion: Q&A
#Biggest challenge for this research so far.
#Landowner’s responsibilities and how the officials can help.
#Move or not move after the fire? Take Paradise Fire as an example.
#What people can do to protect their property.
#What the community can do to help the fire.
#Landscape Fragmentation for social science and human dimensions.
#How do you see social science research and human dimensions evolving into the future?
#It’s not about how to control fire, it’s about relearning how to live with it, thrive with it.
#Allow fire to play its natural role in the system.

More information about Wildland Fire Management Strategy:

More information about RMRS and Human Dimensions Program:

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