Craft > China > The Brilliance of Beijing Palace Lantern

 May 25 2022  


Palace lantern is the lanterns used in the palace. They are mainly made of fine wood as the structure, inlaid with silk yarn or glass, and painted with various patterns on the outside. Palace lantern originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. They are famous for their graceful appearance and full of palace style with strong local characteristics. Beijing palace lantern is a kind of palace lantern classification. It got its name because it was made in Beijing and has royal characteristics. The typical style of Beijing palace lantern is that it has six sides and two layers, and the frame is Mortise and Tenon structure, which can be taken apart and convenient for transportation. Generally, the heads of Beijing palace lantern is mainly carved with dragons. The pattern is divided into three categories: flowers, figures and landscapes. The main implication of the pattern is to express the meaning of wealth and honor. Due to uses for different situation, Beijing palace lantern has gradually evolved into styles like ball lantern, child-mother lantern and others. With exquisite workmanship and selected materials, Beijing palace lantern not only has the practical value of indoor lighting, but also has aesthetic value as an artistic decoration.