Education > Japan > The 12th All Japan Junior High School Woodcraft Competition

 Jul 05 2014  

From 19th to 22th January 2012, IWCS went to Tokyo, Japan for a Japanese national woodcraft competition for the juniors. After witnessing the keen and fascinating competition, we eventually obtained the whole picture of the Japanese wood education and its strategy.

Last year, 311 earthquake stroke Japan severely. Therefore, the “12th National Woodcraft Competition for Juniors” set the contest theme as “earthquake-proof cupboard.” 12 regional champions gathered in Tokyo for a total 4-hour-competition. The details of requested items for the cupboard design were announced merely one week before the contest. It required not only creativity but practical skills to complete the work. 

Although coming from different regions and backgrounds, every student had an enthusiastic attitude towards woodcraft. This was supported by an ideal and practical education system. As the chief judge Professor Ozaki Shiro had told us, “The competition goal is to make students understand the meaning of wood use, and furthermore, to improve human life by the correct and efficient use of wood.”