> Brazil > Aorelio Domingues - Paranagua Fandango Master

 Oct 21 2020  

Ilha dos Valadares is an island belonging to the municipality of Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Founded in 1648, it is Paraná's oldest city, with one of the largest ports in Brazil. Born and living on the isolated island, rabeca/ fandango master- Aorelio Domingues, who is also member of “Associação de Cultura Popular Mandicuera” (Mandicuera Popular Culture Association), leads the association in revitalizing cultural activities of the Caiçara people from the coastal region of the state of Paraná. The entity formed by a group of popular artists and masters its motto is the preservation and diffusion of their intangible heritage. With careful use of the Atlantic forest, Aorelio has developed on-hands techniques for everybody to make their own traditional folklore music instrument: rabeca and fandango. The studio, with incentives, is open daily with free access to the community, all instruments made, as well as the construction technique, are donated to small tribes along the southern coast. Inherited from his grandfather, today Aorelio and his twin daughters continues the path of diffusing cultural events and manifestations that belongs to the Caiçara people.