> China > Mooncake Molds - Learn about Mid-Autumn Festival Traditional Folk Culture

 Sep 27 2021  

Cake mold collector Mr. Wang Laihua is the chief expert of the Institute of Public Opinion of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, China. He started collecting cake molds in 1995 and has been collecting cake molds for more than 20 years. He has collected 7,000 to 8,000 molds so far. As a scholar, he is not only collecting, but also doing research, and solved the problems encountered in the collection through research. Therefore, he published two books and many articles. Broadly speaking, the folk culture contained in the mold expresses the pursuit of auspiciousness of Chinese people through the decorative carving, which is the most important folk characteristic. In addition, it is the shaping of beauty. The aesthetic effect has always been their pursuit. The aesthetic value is also very prominent. It should be valued and protected, and should be continued carrying on.