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 Dec 27 2021  

Wood Culture Tour in Dubai Expo 2020 take you to Sweden Pavilion: The Forest in the Sustainability District! The Pavilion features interactive simulation and give visitor an experience to walk and stroll in the woods. 

5 Facts from the Sweden Pavilion Website below
 1. The Swedish Pavilion to Expo 2020 in Dubai is situated in the Sustainability District 2. For the first time ever a sustainable building completely in timber is erected in the UAE. 3. Approximately 2,600 cubic meters of timber has been used for the structure. Approximately half of it in the substructure. 4. Every cubic meter of spruce timber, weighing approximately half a tonne, contains the carbon from almost 900 kg of CO2 (and the O2, the oxygen, now in the atmosphere.) 5. A comparable structure in reinforced concrete would create a CO2 footprint of around 1,200 tonnes. The net effect of “The Forest” as a timber building compared to a concrete structure is somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 tonnes less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.