> Syrian Arab Republic > World Expo 2020 - Syria Pavilion - We Will Rise Together

 Jan 25 2022  

The Pavilion is collectively build by 1500 families. It showcases the rich Syrian culture as a nation and as individuals.

The messages from Syrian's pavilion: All the paintings are signed with the "I am Syrian" to convey the message that what unites us is much more than what divides us. And message to the future is collectively with 1500 Syrians and drawing on each piece of peach wood from everywhere and transfer to the world. Even we have lot of challenge, but we are trying to pass over and connect all people rising together.

Syria is a country in the Middle East, with a coastline at the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The name "Syria" historically referred to a wider region. The pavilion shows the countries love for arts and artifacts. The friendship that they have shown in their pavilion is as sweet as their honey which they handed over to us for free. We shall continue rising together.

The section of drawings on wood is very beautiful, and Syrians of all ages and beliefs participated in it. Creating a section that brings together the feelings and ideas of a large group of Syrian people is a beautiful thing.