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 Jan 18 2021  

The Japanese Wood and Culture Seminar is organized by the Japan Wood-Products Export Association (JWPEA) to promote the quality, usage, art and culture of Japanese wood materials. The following four lectures are presented for the comprehensive understanding of the Japanese wood and culture, together with the traditional and modern application of wood materials, knowledge and techniques.



Characteristics of Yakisugi, presented by Nakamoto Forestry (Download PDF)

Interior of Tea-Ceremony Room, presented by Hanamasu Mokko Ltd. (Download PDF)


Characteristics of Shina from Hokkaido and Shirakaba, presented by Takizawa Venner Co., Ltd. (Download PDF)


Japanese Wood Culture and Promotional Activity for Education of Wood, presented by Japan Wood Culture Society (JWCS) (Download PDF)


Japan Wood-Products Export Association (JWPEA)