Japanese Cedar (Sugi)

 5, Sep, 2022

Japanese Cedar (Sugi)   Sugi 1. Academic and common names Sugi (Crytomeria japonica D. Don) is an evergreen conifer which belongs to the genus sugi, subfamily sugi under the Cupre...

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Indigenous Wood Culture

 21, Jul, 2022

An IWCS documentary team is in Arizona filming and documenting indigenous wood culture as part of a series on this subject.  We first visited the home of Aileen Setren, widow of the late Jim Lind...

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From Forests to Heritage

 4, May, 2022

  From Forests to Heritage conference Three days dedicated to wood in Cultural Heritage Marta Domínguez-Delmás, Aoife Daly and Kristof Haneca The From Forests t...

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Dr. Chung Yun Hse Virtual Memorial

 13, Feb, 2022

Dr. Chung Yun Hse Virtual Memorial:  Date: Feb 19, 2022 Time: 18:00 in CST (Central Standard Time), 00:00 in UTC on Feb 20th    *If you would like to participate the v...

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In Memory of Dr. Chung-Yun Hse

 30, Nov, 2021

International Wood Culture Society President and World Wood Day Foundation Board Member Dr. Chung-Yun Hse passed away Friday, 12 November 2021. Dr. Hse had a long career with the USDA Forest Servi...

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Japanese Wood Seminar

 1, Nov, 2021

The Japanese Wood Seminar is organized by the Japan Wood-Products Export Association (JWPEA). Advanced wood processing technologies of Japan turns Cedar and Japanese cypress, which are Japanese unique...

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